Available Assistance for Disabled Individuals

Unbeknownst to many people, especially those with very low incomes – if you are disabled, there are services available that can provide you with assistance in your area. Usually, every state has a different organization – the name might be slightly different with each state; however, in the state of Illinois, the Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services will provide testing & determine if a person with my disability classification (severe to profound) would be eligible for assistance with hearing aids (or whatever your disability may be).
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What Do You See?

Hearing aids behind the ears while wearing a ball cap
& sunglasses on top, Long black trench coat with a bright
red scarf & black leather gloves –

Excuse me? I am right here – say hello – don’t worry I won’t bite you…

A metal chair with big wheels and bright shiny metal,
How does this person get in and out of the wheelchair?
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What is Tinnitis?

One of the things about a disability is that it may be misunderstood.  A diagnosis by a physician may observe many of the symptoms of what it is you are experiencing, but occasionally – even in modern times, diagnoses may overlook your own personal symptoms. I am an individual with sensorineural hearing loss.  Continue reading “What is Tinnitis?”