What to say to someone who is sick

In my travels on the web recently I found this article published in the New York Times. It is one of the most honest articles I have come across in a long time and incredbly refreshing for someone in my position. I have since sent it to everyone I know in order to help myself and them, as being ‘sick’ is not only an ordeal for the individual but also for anyone in contact with them. I found this to be a perfect guide for anyone associated in any way to illness and even to disability. Continue reading “What to say to someone who is sick”

Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days!

Colleen is a disability rights leader, advocate, and visionary. Her passion for assisting The Prosthetics Outreach Foundation, which assists amputees in developing countries, is evident by her commitment to raising money and awareness for the 100 Miles in 100 Days campaign.

Continue reading “Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days!”

The Three Circles Tool

Once you have established the circles, enjoy filling them in. Whenever things start to feel out of control, stop and close your eyes. Bring the image of the circles to your mind and see what is causing the problem. You may have put too many people in the First Circle or let someone from the Third Circle in too soon. Remember you are in control. You can rectify this. It does not come without some struggle and pain but the right things are always the hardest to do. It becomes easier in time to figure out who and what goes where and becomes second nature.

Life is a constant highway with bright lights, noise, people, directions, emotions, and the dreaded traffic jams. We are constantly exposed to unplanned detours and unhealthy ‘fumes’. People constantly ask me how I cope and manage so well. How I manage to live as full a life as possible despite my condition. Continue reading “The Three Circles Tool”