Automatic Inclusion

Recently I shared an article about a print ad from Target for kids clothing that a number of children pictured, one of which was a child with Down syndrome.  The great thing about the ad was that Target didn’t come out and give themselves praise for including a person with a disability in their advertisement, they didn’t Continue reading “Automatic Inclusion”

Special Education

Special education.  Thinking about this topic I’m reminded of how my school system treated most students who were “in the special ed program.” For me (back then), special ed was only for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities. These students were kept apart from the other students to varying (and sometimes quite dramatic) ways.   Continue reading “Special Education”

taking ACTION!

I’ve got advocacy on the brain lately:  how to do it, who does it and when it should be done.  Lots of ideas are floating around, but I’m still trying to solidify everything.  I’m co-facilitating the next round of advocacy workshops at disABILITY LINK; the name of the course is “take ACTION!”. It will be an eight week course that helps participants get in touch with their inner advocates. Continue reading “taking ACTION!”

Can You See the Problem?

So, to follow-up on my previous post regarding my abysmal experience with MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, in case you aren’t familiar with them), I received two calls this morning regarding the incident. Keep in mind that it took 47 days to receive a “resolution” to the situation.   Continue reading “Can You See the Problem?”

Near Miss with a lot of Run Around

Here is an unfortunate tale (that is still unfolding) of Atlanta’s mass transit provider: MARTA. I am visually impaired and use a cane; this is really the only background information you need, and honestly that knowledge isn’t that necessary.  So, in October, I chose to walk to the Target around the corner from where I live.  Upon crossing the street (where I was in the crosswalk with the walk signal on) I hear a bus speed up, the next thing I know my cane is knocked to the side and a bus goes whizzing by my face.  Continue reading “Near Miss with a lot of Run Around”