Accessible Bicycles

I want to explore additional outdoor activities for the disabled. Many of us feel confined and we don’t feel a sense of value; truly this is the opposite. All of us are “value-able” and we have capabilities. We just don’t know where to turn or may not have the opportunity. I realize that many of you don’t have the resources. I am an advocate for promoting that the disabled can and should be allowed to explore outdoor sports and recreation. It is vital to a better quality of life and self worth. Continue reading “Accessible Bicycles”

Recreation for the Disabled

There are many recreational opportunities for the disabled. Many states have improved access to fishing, with wheel chair ramps and hand rails. is an excellent site to explore areas to go. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast: I have hunted, fished, snowmobiled, and done thousands of miles of back country off road ATV’ing and dirt biking. I retired last year from my dirt bike and have not hunted for many years, due to my disability. Continue reading “Recreation for the Disabled”