Is Vitamin D for Me?

Jeremy Laurance, an Independent Online Health Editor, reported after assessing almost every scientific paper published on the link between vitamin D and cancer since the 1960s, U.S. scientists recommend a daily dose of 1,000 international units (25 micrograms) to maintain health. “The high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency combined with the discovery of increased risks of certain types of cancer in those who are deficient, suggest that vitamin D deficiency may account for several thousand premature deaths from colon, breast, ovarian and other cancers annually,” as stated in the online version of the American Journal of Public Health. Continue reading “Is Vitamin D for Me?”

Can you Afford to be Healthy?

Since the Great Depression, there are more people unemployed and as a result, uninsured. According to the Census Bureau, more than 50 million Americans are uninsured. Yet the costs of healthcare and medications continue to rise. People are cutting back on everything, and unfortunately, that includes good health practices, including cost of healthy foods, preventative care, and prescription medications.

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You CAN Do It!

I had just graduated fifth grade with all A’s and on the first day of summer vacation, my best friend’s dad rewarded us with a day at a nearby Karate tournament. He had front-row tickets; I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Other than looking through the window at the dojo Karate school that was down the street from our house, I’d only seen Karate fights in the movies. This time I’d be up front and close to the action. Continue reading “You CAN Do It!”