Bicycling Tips and Trips

I never knew how fun cycling could be! It certainly makes one feel much younger and it makes exercise enjoyable. With the warmer weather it certainly makes cycling a lot more fun.

This month I want to briefly touch on bicycling again. As stated in my last article, I was able to find a bike that I could ride with my disability.

I do not go on long rides. But I went on a 24 mile bike trip recently. I rode the old railroad in the Wood River Valley. It goes from Ketchum, Idaho to Hailey, Idaho.

Many communities have a rails-to-trails conservancy program. This trail also parallels the Wood River and is gorgeous.  They have converted the old railroad to a walking and bicycle path. Traillink is a great website to find bike paths in your area. Registration is free and there is also a link to maps where you can put in your city and zip code to find trails in your area or somewhere that you want to go to. I also found a great web site for cycling for the disabled. This is probably the best site that I have found that addresses this topic.

Remember we can’t live a sedentary life style. Our minds and bodies rely on activity. One more thing: please wear a helmet. And a rear view mirror is a must, but the little ones sold at the big box stores and bike shops are not adequate. I went to a motorcycle shop and purchased a mirror from them. They are bigger and better.

Have fun and enjoy cycling!

I would like to hear from anyone that has some good experiences with bicycling, especially those that have recently taken it up. Read about my most recent ride.

2 thoughts on “Bicycling Tips and Trips”

  1. Yes I have a bicycle in another state. A tricycle with a basket in the front. I used to ride it from my home to the mailbox. It was a great workout because I had to go up against hills.

  2. When I was little I would bike ride with training wheels to help me with my balance. I didn’t have much fun with it until a couple of years ago when my parents both decided to get me a recumbent for my 21st birthday. Now I ride from my current neighborhood to my old one and it works great for people with very mild cerebal palsy.

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