Can You See the Problem?

So, to follow-up on my previous post regarding my abysmal experience with MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, in case you aren’t familiar with them), I received two calls this morning regarding the incident. Keep in mind that it took 47 days to receive a “resolution” to the situation.  My first call was from the woman who took my initial complaint. She informed me that “a resolution has been reached” regarding my complaint. I waited to hear what the resolution was. She told me the driver said he “had the light,” that I was on the curb when he began to turn left and that I stopped walking halfway across the street to allow him to turn. This is a lie.  All of it. I was not on the curb, I was halfway across the street; the driver did have a green light, but not a turn signal, and he sped up to turn left, in front of me. The customer service agent told me she was taking down my comments and would re-send the complaint to the superintendent’s office to request a “playback from the bus.” I said I absolutely wanted the camera footage to be looked at because the driver was lying through his teeth, and just accepting his denial that he hit a pedestrian, was unacceptable. She told me that she would resend it and someone would be in touch.

Another odd thing happened at the end of the conversation (I had deja vu from my first complaint); once again, the woman asked me about my disability, “Are you legally blind? I don’t think I asked you that before.” I proceeded to inform her that, actually, she had asked me that question in our very first conversation. See, in our first talk she waited until the end of the conversation to ask it. I reminded her of her question, “Was it a man or a woman driving the bus?” to which I replied, “I think it was a man, but I couldn’t really tell.” She then retorted with, “I thought you said you were blind.” After I reminded her of our conversation, she apparently looked at the screen and said, “Oh yes, I see that noted here.”

After this call, I was livid; I talked to some of the folks here at disABILITY LINK and got their views on the matter and advice on what my next course of action should be. I completely forgot to bring up the white cane law or the fact that I had the crosswalk signal.  Hindsight, regardless of how cliché the saying is, this situation was definitely 20/20 clear. I did get the opportunity to bring both of these facts up when the customer service agent called me a second time to let me know that the superintendent (no name, no description of what exactly they are the superintendent of, just the ominous title) would be calling me today to discuss this matter. She further informed me that looking at the tape wouldn’t do any good because it wouldn’t show what was occurred on the outside of the bus.

So now I wait for another response from MARTA.  Hopefully, this one will come sooner than forty-seven days after they told me they would get back with me.


4 thoughts on “Can You See the Problem?”

  1. I drove city transit bus for 7 years and worked with many people that had disabilities. I currently drive charter bus. Having read your article I certainly see your point. Based on my knowledge of driving transit bus, I must explain that there a lot of things going on around & inside a bus when you are driving. Buses has terrible blind spots. Especially the front mirrors and notorious for hiding cars, & pedestrians. A good bus driver does what we call a rock and roll look out. That is they move back & forth to lock for people and cars thus reducing the blind spots. It would be my opinion that the bus driver is trying to cover their-selves in fear of losing their job, Or the driver simply did not see you. I have worked for 4 bus companies, and regardless of the situation the bus driver would be reprimanded to any case. The Commercial Drivers License is a standard that is upheld to all drivers, regardless of the vehicle the operate. As person with a disability I understand your situation. Don’t back down. Most bus companies have a board of directors and I would contact a member of the board. Some board members on the city council. I was especially concerned about them asking you if you were blind, and then asked if the bus driver was male or female. Then to say how would you if you are blind. Not is not good customer service, at best!! Good Luck.

  2. Hi Danny, I’m not sure if this is the first article or second one that you wrote and I responded too. As I’ve had many issues myself happening.
    It is just TERRIBLE that they think if they ignore you that your going to going to go away. You said you asked for a video to review to help prove your attack. Chances are there only going to give you one right there close to the bus stop. But in reality in most cities now a days they have many videos planted because bus stops are one HUGE TARGET for trouble. Purses are stolen more at bus stops then anywhere else, bullies still push others around, taking their last money, drug deals, the list goes on. So the have hidden videos at the bus stops but then around the area in prime locations. At a near by store, across the street points towards the bus stop and the crosswalk. Point is there is multiple cameras. But they only keep it up for a short time and then they erase so it might not be on there any longer. I know where I live they have all bus stops and cross walks highly videoed because they were sued by con artist who knew the game. 1 lady sued Tulare county for not filling the pot holes in the street and she hit it on her bike and fell. She made alot of money. Same bike she said that the guy on bus took it off and didn’t gently hand it to her and made her fall again maga income. you got the point. She acted fast(sqeeky wheel always gets the attention) Then when there is truly a handicap person who isn’t scamming anyone then nobody wants to do anything to help him….. Stay strong Danny!!!!

  3. I don’t know if this will be of assistance – you may want to contact the ACLU of Atlanta – here’s the link: – and see if they can provide you with assistance.

    The American Civil Liberties Union provides legal representation for free – and I cannot tell you one way or another if they will represent you – but they might point you in the right direction to get your case taken by someone who can really help you.

    I hope it helps.


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