Creatively Keeping Busy

Now that I have settled into my new home and new relationship, I’m ready to get back on the horse of real life. Well, whatever the words “real life” mean, anyway. I am thrilled with my willingness to change and try new things and get back to the things that bring joy to my life. Continue reading “Creatively Keeping Busy”

Change can be Good!

So far this year, I am breaking through into a new me. I am trying new things that I wouldn’t have done in the past. I am becoming more brave and adventurous in expressing myself and taking chances in relationships. I am breaking down walls of fear previously stunting personal growth, thus moving through my ‘rut.’ Continue reading “Change can be Good!”

Automatic Inclusion

Recently I shared an article about a print ad from Target for kids clothing that a number of children pictured, one of which was a child with Down syndrome.  The great thing about the ad was that Target didn’t come out and give themselves praise for including a person with a disability in their advertisement, they didn’t Continue reading “Automatic Inclusion”

Special Education

Special education.  Thinking about this topic I’m reminded of how my school system treated most students who were “in the special ed program.” For me (back then), special ed was only for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities. These students were kept apart from the other students to varying (and sometimes quite dramatic) ways.   Continue reading “Special Education”

Domestic Goddess

I have recently moved into my boyfriend’s house. It has been stressful moving and unpacking and organizing; on the plus side, it is exciting being in a new relationship with someone who is supportive, appreciative, loving, and creative. We are an  perfect team, and I’m having so much fun in life. I’m not currently working; well, actually, to be specific, not earning money. Continue reading “Domestic Goddess”