taking ACTION!

I’ve got advocacy on the brain lately:  how to do it, who does it and when it should be done.  Lots of ideas are floating around, but I’m still trying to solidify everything.  I’m co-facilitating the next round of advocacy workshops at disABILITY LINK; the name of the course is “take ACTION!”. It will be an eight week course that helps participants get in touch with their inner advocates. Continue reading “taking ACTION!”

Recreation for the Disabled

There are many recreational opportunities for the disabled. Many states have improved access to fishing, with wheel chair ramps and hand rails. Recreation.gov is an excellent site to explore areas to go. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast: I have hunted, fished, snowmobiled, and done thousands of miles of back country off road ATV’ing and dirt biking. I retired last year from my dirt bike and have not hunted for many years, due to my disability. Continue reading “Recreation for the Disabled”

Going to the Chapel…wait, how are we going to get there?

It’s only the momentous occasion most little girls look forward to all their young lives. Tomboy or girly girl we all dream about the day when we will don a beautiful white dress and walk down the aisle to say “I do” to the love of our life. Continue reading “Going to the Chapel…wait, how are we going to get there?”

Cupid Struck Online

Valentine’s Day is here once again. Normally I’m not really into the whole thing, but this year I am. I suppose it has a large part to do with recently meeting and moving in with my new love. My sweetie is disabled too, and we found one another on the dating website, disabled4dating. This is my dating story of fear, taking chances, being honest, and finding love. Continue reading “Cupid Struck Online”

Available Assistance for Disabled Individuals

Unbeknownst to many people, especially those with very low incomes – if you are disabled, there are services available that can provide you with assistance in your area. Usually, every state has a different organization – the name might be slightly different with each state; however, in the state of Illinois, the Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services will provide testing & determine if a person with my disability classification (severe to profound) would be eligible for assistance with hearing aids (or whatever your disability may be).
Continue reading “Available Assistance for Disabled Individuals”