jDate gave me the opportunity to show who i am

All success stories on JDate are special. Mine, although a little different, has the same happy ending. It is truly amazing how things work out, and that meeting someone online can lead to “happily ever after.”

I met Kim on January 4, 2012, and we are getting married on July 6, 2014! We couldn’t be happier!

As someone living with cerebral palsy, I must walk with a cane for balance and strength – dating was never easy. Meeting someone the old fashioned way was not working. On first impression, people could not see past the canes and the disability. JDate gave me the opportunity to show people who I am, before seeing my disability. It took me a long time to be comfortable enough to tell my potential dates about my disability.

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Social Media Struggles

Does anyone find being connected constantly useful? Does it ease the stress in your life or add to it? Both, I think. I often contemplate if I ought to be more connected…you know, spending 6 hours of my day checking Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, email, and posting my daily activities every four minutes. Continue reading “Social Media Struggles”

Disability Discrimination: a Thing of the Past?

Is the social stigma which forced Roosevelt to hide his disability still among us after ninety years?

Hugh Gregory Gallagher, author of FDR’s Splendid Deception tells us that in 1921, Franklin Delano Roosevelt contracted polio at the age of 39. Continue reading “Disability Discrimination: a Thing of the Past?”