IL Pioneer: Max Starkloff

A pioneer of the Independent Living and Disability Rights movements, Max Starkloff, was responsible for many important changes in disability rights in St. Louis. fueled by powerful self-motivation and inspired by the work of Ed Roberts, Starkloff laid the groundwork for change on a larger scale. Continue reading “IL Pioneer: Max Starkloff”

Becoming an Advocate

Recently I saw a post on Twitter that inspired a little thought.  The person linked to a blog discussing when she switched from being a passive to an active disability rights supporter.  This made me think about my experience, both as a self-advocate and advocating for others.  Continue reading “Becoming an Advocate”

The Olmstead Decision

The Olmstead Decision is one of the most important Supreme Court decisions regarding people with disabilities.  This decision orders States to comply with the American with Disabilities Act to provide services for people with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Continue reading “The Olmstead Decision”

Michelle Carston: Resiliency

Recently, I watched a documentary on The Learning Channel, Paralyzed and Pregnant, 4 Years Later. The woman documented in the film, Michelle Carston, was 23 and on vacation when she was injured, leaving her with a permanent C5 injury. Paralyzed and Pregnant, 4 Years Later is the story of her life as a woman, as a mother, and as a human being, who just happens to be a quadriplegic.

Continue reading “Michelle Carston: Resiliency”

Filmmaker, Ben Richards

When Ben Richards set out to become a successful visual effects artist and graphic designer almost two decades ago, he never could have imagined he would become a world traveling documentary filmmaker living out his dream career.   Continue reading “Filmmaker, Ben Richards”