Creatively Keeping Busy

Now that I have settled into my new home and new relationship, I’m ready to get back on the horse of real life. Well, whatever the words “real life” mean, anyway. I am thrilled with my willingness to change and try new things and get back to the things that bring joy to my life.

After unpacking the boxes, donating to Goodwill, rearranging the furniture, and throwing out what seemed like an endless amount of paper, I have time to think about what I want to do with my time. Some of my time, of course, is spent caring for the home, food shopping, and whatever else needs to get done. But the other time, I can devote to whatever I want! It is so exciting. I have a million ideas: gardening, painting rooms in the house, painting canvas, photography, writing my memoir, reading, and so many other things. My biggest problem is narrowing my choices down and focusing on one.

My partner is a writer and spends several hours a day writing (what passion!). He is working on his novel, thus, dedicating time every day to work on it. That is my goal, too. Not necessarily in writing my memoir (from which I have taken a hiatus), but in being more creative. He is the first person I have dated who actually enjoys doing arts and crafts. This is a match made in heaven.

For Easter, we blew eggs out of their shells to make them hollow, colored them, and put pretty decorations on them. Sarah's easter eggsMy boyfriend’s mother showed me how to wrap paper around the egg for a hanging decoration. I got wrapped up in this (pun intended) and made about a dozen or so paper-wrapped eggs. I’m thinking of hanging them on our Christmas tree this year. An eggy tree! We also made a mosaic garden stone with broken pieces of plates, glass beads, and colored pieces of plastic. What fun!

When I was younger, I painted and did crafts. Somehow, I forget that I enjoy doing these things. I’m not sure of the reason. I’m sure some of you have the same feelings, so if you know why I so often forget the fun things I enjoy doing, please let me know!

A long time ago, I created an art bin; well, actually, it is more like a tall filing cabinet filled with all sorts of things. Here, I have stamps and inks; different colored and textured papers; colored pens, pencils, paints, and glitter glue; wooden pieces for decorating; and of course scissors, glue guns, and stickers. I love my art bin. At any time I can pull open a drawer and find something fun to do. I have made bookmarks with embossed stamps, mosaics, paper flowers, origami (which I am horrible at), scrap books, paintings, collages, and homemade wrapping paper.

I’m so excited to have all my arts and crafts in one location so that I can grab a project anytime I want! I even dedicated a spot for me to do these things.

In my office, my other area of creativity, I filled my desk with some of my crafts, including an amazing mosaic candle holder I made a couple years ago. I have inspiring quotes and plaques around my computer—which is great, because here I do the bills and budgeting and definitely need inspiration.

Ilwadians, how do you find and create inspiration?


3 thoughts on “Creatively Keeping Busy”

  1. Oh cool
    I can totally relate to your situation of packing and unpacking. I even wrote an assignment on it for my own writing class.

    I am inspired by learning because I love school
    My favorites are calligraphy, painting and writing.

  2. My condition limits the dexterity in my hands so my creativity is now limited to writing& I’m uber thankful for voice recognition & my adaptive keyboard! Now I just need to finish some of what I have begun!

  3. I enjoy photography. It is hard to do when it is cold because I like to get outside and take nature pictures. Hope to do it more when the weather is not as cold. Any suggestions for indoor activities? My muscles are not good, and my fine motor skills are lacking.

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