Dealing with family members

Dealing with family members can always be such a sticky situation. When someone is disabled, they may need constant assistance. One person may like someone opening a door for them and another may dislike this and want to do things for themselves.

Which ever side you are on, please remember that everyone needs help. I know some times you may wish for once to be left alone. Think about it, if you were left alone, it’d get pretty lonesome wouldn’t it? Sure at first you’d eat whatever you wanted, and do whatever you wanted. Sure sounds nice doesn’t it?

But after a while you’d miss the faces of your loved ones and eventually you’d want to see their beautiful face once again.

Share what happened to you, we are here to listen.

2 thoughts on “Dealing with family members”

  1. hey me and my family get along well me and my dad have trouble sometimes we bump heads alot but we are working it out i love him so much me and my mom get along so well she is understanding listens to me when i have a problem i love my parents so much also in my family is my baby golden doddle puppy she turn one years old on dec 20 2010 her name is chloe she follows me every where even sleeps with me i love her to death glad she came to live with us also wednesday dec 22 2o10 is my mom birthday so we are having a party for mom and chloe my dog also in my family i have a brother matt who is 45 and lives in hollywood calf he will be home wednesday for the hoilday i cant wait also just one more a sister named dawn and her husband milan plus jessica 6 and jordan 8 there kids jordan is the 8 she is my god child they all live in staten island ny well that concludes my story about my family thanks merry christmas and of course happy new year jennifer caracappa

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