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So, there is a perception that people with disabilities are supposed to be nice; I frequently like to absolve people of these perceptions. Not in a bad way, I mean; a person with a disability can be just as prone to being mischievous as anyone else. I like to mess with people occasionally; it’s just in my nature. One of my favorite games to play is “sidewalk chicken.” This is a risky game to play; it’s just like the version you see in movies where two cars drive toward each other and the person to veer off first, in order to avoid a head-on collision, loses. In my version though, the other person doesn’t know they’re playing.

Sidewalk Chicken goes this way: I [with a vision impairment] walk on the right side of the sidewalk and see people taking up the entire sidewalk (because, you know, they ‘own’ it). If not wearing sunglasses, I adopt a “distant” expression, begin click-clacking on the sidewalk and hasten my pace. If the person jumps out of the way, I win. If the person collides with me, I call it a draw. If, and this has never happened, I move to avoid the collision, then it’s a loss for me. It’s quick, simple, and amusing. Sometimes I wish I could snap a picture the moment the person realizes they’re about to collide into a blind man. It’s usually priceless.

Bulwark: Folks don’t always pay attention when walking along the sidewalk, whether it’s texting, talking, or daydreaming. People will, if not properly motivated to do so otherwise, walk directly into you. This is how I invented the game, “Bulwark.” If I see someone coming at me not paying attention, I brace myself (it helps to know that I have a very sturdy build) and let them run directly into me. I hope that it helps to raise the awareness of the dangers of walking and texting.

The Moses Effect: I like to think of walking places as a little adventure. Generally, even in crowded situations, I can get places fairly quickly, especially when people are paying attention and the “Moses Effect” kicks in. My friends and I generally benefit from this. I walk along a crowded street and pedestrians try to avoid being touched by my cane (I don’t swing it that hard, honestly); it’s like the Red Sea parting, hence the name (I’m going to say that I coined this phrase, as I’ve never seen it used in this context before).

Please share any games you play or unique terms in the comments section below. Feel free to use my rules and play at your own risk. I do this understanding that it might not end entirely well.



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  1. AWESOME….. Love your games. Gotta keep life interesting…. I’m a people watcher so I would be busting up laughing watching you as you played your game…. 🙂

  2. Humor is essential in the sense of providing nourishment for one’s soul. Without humor, it is considerably more difficult to overcome the nuances of having a disability – can’t find that humor? Find a topic you like – go to the bookstore and get a book on humor – a jokebook – anything that will make you smile. You might have to work at the humor, but like learning how to cook, or how to drive, the ingredients in humor are able to be instilled in you if you just try – it’s very important to have it part of you life.

    So, laugh away – and share your laughter with others…


  3. Love your game!
    Very Cool!
    Mine isn’t nearly as fun, nor funny as yours.
    Due to my multiple head injuries, it’s pretty amazing, but I’m close to being an idiot-savant in some ways.
    Kind of like in the “Rainman” movie.
    I most times cant add small numbers together and get the right answer…but I can do Incredibly hard math equations in my head, that most people don’t get with their calculator or computer first…I just say the answer out loud…and when their calculator or computer spits it out like 1-2 seconds later…they just look at me in amazement.
    Also, I can’t for the life of me tell a simple joke, but yet I can quote entire works of literature precisely or even very long poems by all the greats.
    That kind of gets amazing or weird looks as well…but is hilarious and also very rewarding, personally, at the same time!
    Since I feel like the “scarecrow” from the Wizard of Oz…
    If I only had a brain!
    Well, I do, and am considered high-functioning…
    but I always love playing with other people’s heads…
    every chance I get.
    Plus, if a conversation is boring to me…I just act dumb…as that’s what they expect. However, if it’s a topic where people are espounding their opinions or summations at the end…I really surprise them, by adding in, my informed opinion and /or summation of their boring converstion.
    They usually are quite shocked, as I am usually “spot on”, the topic they were discussing.
    Just my little ways of having fun.
    Yes, may sound like a mean thing to do, either way…
    but at least they can once again remember…
    Good Grief, Charlie Brown…
    she does have a brain and is quite intelligent!
    Which is somehat an oxymoron, since my brain has been damaged multiple times, people expect the village idiot…
    and yet most of the time…
    I can keep up and hold my own with the best of them…sometimes even one-upping them in front of everyone, which I don’t do to be mean…It just happens!
    So…I guess if I had a Game that I played…
    this is my game?!

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