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I’m back….I hope everyone had a wonderful week!  I know it isn’t Monday, but guess what…I have another excuse!  Monday and Tuesday evening was Passover, a Jewish holiday that celebrates the Jews freedom from slavery in Egypt, the ten plagues and when Moses led the Jewish people across the sea that he parted for them.  Pretty cool story, but I hate the matzah!

I had a “roller coaster” weekend, as I would like to call it–a weekend with its highs and lows.  I was planning on having two crew regattas, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  The one on Saturday was at our home course; the first race was at 8:00am, so I was at the course at 6:45am.  Our last race a final for the varsity boys, was scheduled for 5:49pm. It was a LOOOOONG day!  It ended up being terrible weather, with lots of wind and rain, and they shortened the length of the race to 1000m as opposed to 1500m.  They ended up starting boats in front of one another so that the boats were even crashing into each other and they were not stopping the race.  Enough venting, but it was the worst organized and run regatta I have ever been a part of.  To top that off, the final race was canceled at 5:15pm, when we could have left the course at 3:30pm.  THEN, the race the next day was canceled because of high wind and water.

However, everything was better that night when I came back to school and went to the annual talent show.  I was blown away!  I was so inspired to see the amount of talent the school that I work at had.  It was amazing!  There were students and teachers who sang, danced, did comedy and other fun acts.  I sat there for the three hours of the talent show, which ran an hour late, and enjoyed EVERY second of it.  The amount of work and talent that these students put into activities that are not “schoolwork” is amazing!  I was so proud of each and every one of them.

On that note, I think we should have a digital ILWAD talent show…please send your special talents to  I want to put them on ILWAD TV!  Let’s inspire people together around the world!

5 thoughts on “ILWAD’s Got Talent”

  1. I will participate. I had a similar idea but I wanted to see what ILWAD meembers come up with everyday and honestly every day is amazing here. I wish everyone saw this site.

  2. I think it’s a great idea. I’d like to see what talents our members have. I am a drummer, however I never get the opportunity to play anymore, let alone video it. But it would still be fun to see other’s talents.

  3. @Courtney Well hi Courtney, fellow drummer and my new friend! Yes I really enjoyed drumming too. From playing in drum corps and high school band and orchestra, to recording with some of the biggest artists ever as a session musician, to playing in the “President’s Own” band in the Air-Force, to playing in rock, funk & jazz bands on concert tours. It was a wonderful part of my life. So, even though I sometimes get frustrated and even envious of other musicians when I watch them play, I still enjoy their talents and abilities. And if I never get the opportunity to play again, I will always remember and appreciate the musical talents God gave me and the many years in which I enjoyed pursuing them. But now I’m discovering and pursuing new talents as a graphic designer. I will always endeavor to learn new things and explore new directions.

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