Disability Interview: Shauna Bruce-Hamburger

Interview with Shauna Bruce-Hamburger of Divine Potential

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

Shauna Bruce-Hamburger is the perfect representation of this powerful quote. An optimist from a very young age, Shauna has always maintained a “glass half full” type attitude despite dealing with more than her share of struggle and challenge. Born with Spina bifida, Shauna vowed from an early age that she would never let her “so called” disability get in the way of living her life to the fullest. In fact, Shauna is grateful for the many challenges she has conquered insisting that each hardship has strengthened her soul and made her who she is today. She is a firm believer that even though we all have difficult circumstances we cannot change, our lives do not have to be defined or controlled by these struggles; we all have the power to control our attitude.

It was only fitting that Shauna transform her optimistic and enthusiastic attitude into an inspiring career as a motivational speaker and new author. Her infectious energy draws in large crowds to her speaking program, Divine Potential. In this speaking program, Shauna helps people realize their full potential while also teaching techniques on how to deal with the daily stressors we all face. Her first book Beyond Adversity into Freedom is a moving memoir jam packed with positive insight and wisdom on how to overcome a challenging situation and move forward into a life of positivity and happiness.

I was extremely fortunate to be able to chat with this inspirational woman. To visit Shauna’s website, go to: www.divinepotential.com. Her book, Beyond Adversity into Freedom, can be found on her website, and a multitude of other venues including Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and Borders.

An excerpt of the original interview can be read below,

M: So many people with disabilities deal with daily frustrations, how do you deal with frustrating aspects of life and what is your advice to those who are frustrated with their disability?

S: I absolutely do understand the daily frustrations of a disability-because not only do we have the normal stresses of life-but we also have all of the stressors that go along w/ a daily disability. It was that understanding that led me to create my stress management seminar. I do have my times of frustration that is for sure-but what I always try to remember in those times of stress and frustration-is that I always have a choice in how I am going to deal with that stress. I remind myself that although my daily life can be very stressful with the issues of Spina bifida-things could always be so much worse. That is also something I teach in my seminars. So when I am stressed or frustrated-I try to remember that there are so many people out there with much worse situations than what I am going through-and that attitude of gratitude helps me get a better perspective.

M: With all the negativity in the world today, we definitely need more positive people like you. How can people become more positive in their daily lives?

S: For me-my positive attitude came from what my parents taught me early on, that no matter what I go through in life-I always have a choice in how I am going to respond too and deal with my circumstances…Realizing we always have the power to choose our response, attitude and perception in our circumstances actually empowers us-and can help us rise to a new level of thinking and living in the midst of hardship or adversity.

M: What do you think is the most common misconception about people with disabilities?

S: I think the most common misconception, is that a disability-means unable or less capable. That is just not true! We all have gifts and talents and we all have things that we were created to do-that only we can do the way we can do them-and that goes for everybody on this earth. We all have intrinsic value and abilities and a purpose for our lives, and we are all perfectly capable of living the life we were created to live.

Note: Above were a few excerpts from Maureen’s interview; the interview in its entirety will be posted to ilivewithadisability.com in the near future.

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  1. Thanks Maureen. I always enjoy articles about positivity and determination to be in charge of ones life whatever the challenges. Shauna is a prime example of our “ability” to overcome our disabilities and live full and satisfying lives.

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