Learning Disability – How Can You Help Someone Recover?

There are many people who suffer from one disability or the other, with the only difference being the fact that some of these are more severe while some can be cured. Among one of such problems that can be cured and MUST be cured is the learning disorder. This disability not only troubles the person who is suffering from it, but also others who are around him.

From a very early age, a child suffering from this disorder is given remedial teaching for helping him overcome this. However, as he grows, he learns to identify that he is not normal in all aspects, and sees how he is not faring as well as his peers. This makes him go even deeper into a psychological shell of sorts, and he becomes isolated, always trying to remain away from any kind of interaction, which even further deteriorates his condition.

Another typical characteristic of patients having this disability is that they always prefer maintaining relations with those who are experiencing some or the other difficulty in leading a normal lifestyle. This is also because of the fact that things which normal adults can easily do as a part of their routine are extremely difficult for a person suffering from the learning disorder. Further, if he gets into a romantic relationship with a normal person, it would be a very harsh experience for him, since he would not be able to take the emotional fluctuations that are omnipresent in every relationship.

Hence, the near and dear ones of a person suffering from this disability need to have a lot of patience and understanding for ensuring that not only does the person continue to lead a fairly stable life today, but also has a substantial chance of recovery in the future. Remember, it’s not only physical disabilities that are painful for the person suffering from them. Mental problems are sometimes even worse than what one can see on the surface. Make sure you do the right thing!

By: Tim Beyers | Tim Beyers is a renowned medical professional working with disabled patients since the last 15 years. He also writes on raising awareness about such problems among the society suffering from acute or chronic disability.

3 thoughts on “Learning Disability – How Can You Help Someone Recover?”

  1. I totally understand in what you are saying. When I was young alot of children w/ learning disabilities were grouped together and I rarely ever saw them out and about like the other kids in my class were.

  2. Wow, I was very disappointed to have read the comments of this author. For someone being in the medical profession, I would hope for less judgement and belittling. Having a learning disability myself, I found this article to be offensive, especially in reference to those of us in relationships; I haven’t had a “harsh experience” as far as relationships, unless you count the harsh experiences we all have in romantic relationships! I also don’t think learning disabilities can be cured…what disability can? And why should learning disabilities be “CURED”? My disabilities have helped me to become more sensitive and have given me and ADVANTAGE over people without disabilities. I find it odd that he be a professional who works with people with disabilities and has been doing so for 15 years..he seems way off base to me.

    I am angered by this author’s views to say the least. Anyone else have comments? Agree, disagree?

  3. I agree Sarah. I am completely insulted by this author’s view regarding people with disabilities. I’m not sure exactly what he’s been doing for 15 years but I truly think he is in the wrong profession. He’s very narrow minded. I believe that on account of my disability I am able to be more compassionate towards others. I’m able to be more objective and see thing from both side. I can only hope that this narrow minded author backs up and lets someone who actually care’s about helping the disability rather then belittling them as he did in this article.

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