Real Choices

Since the last time I wrote, I have done a lot of thinking about how choices and underachieving affect one another.  I chose to do lots of really great things in the past week.  I started my new job, joined a gym and went everyday after work!  I get to spend my evenings doing things like going to dinner with my brother or hanging out and watching the Phillies!  I love being in a routine, it really helps with my time management.

The job is going really well!  I waited (chose, NOT underachieved) to write this article a couple days late so that I could give you an update on the new job.  I am excited about the prospect of learning new things and being challenged.  The job is fun, and the people are great.  I have even met some more Olympians.  I am so inspired by what they put their body through.  I hope to one day, get to meet some of the Paralympians (Olympians with a physical disability).

I have learned so much while writing and thinking about ILWAD; the amount of positive energy and inspiration that I have in my life, coming from so many different angles and so many different people, is a huge part of it.  I am thankful everyday.  Another thing that I think a lot about, and have written about previously, is choices. When I choose something, I choose it for a reason and try to feel positive about that choice.  Choices don’t necessarily have to be between two, three or four things; sometimes there is only ONE choice.  And even with the choices that have only one option, it is important to feel positive about that choice.  For me, I have only one choice when it comes to having Cerebral Palsy.  I choose Cerebral Palsy.  This way of looking at life and things that are challenging has the ability to turn your sadness and loneliness into happiness and joy!  It is empowering and fun…you should try it sometime!

I choose Cerebral Palsy! What do you choose?

9 thoughts on “Real Choices”

  1. Wow Scotty, there is some serious freedom within this message you present and your choice to have CP. What a inspiring way to look at life. Im so glad I have you in my life.

  2. I agree! I choose to have CP. I feel privileged in a lot of ways because of it; so many good things have come into my life as a result! Some people think having a disability is such a horrible and tragic thing, because that’s not how it is at all. It’s just a different experience, and different can be a good thing!

  3. Thank you! If more people chose things that they did not have a choice about, the world might be a lot happier! I want to hear about more of your “real choices!”

  4. I agree with you Scotty, about choices. I think everything is a choice, and I mean everything. Sometimes, I hear people complaining about not wanting to be somewhere, and they act like it is out of their control–but they are choosing be there, otherwise they wouldn’t be there! Some people I know with depression tell me they don’t have a choice about being depressed; well, ok, that may be true, but you have a CHOICE about dwelling on it, or trying to get better. The choice is yours.
    Thanks, @scottysuss for the thought provoking blog!

  5. I love this Scott!! Your thoughts on choices is so true!! We all have struggles and challenges, but we can choose our attitude and how we deal with those struggles. While some things may be out of our control, we have the power to choose our outlook on life!!
    Such a motivating piece Scott!!! Keep up the great work!!

  6. Great post Scott! It’s really inspiring and motivating. Not only for people with disabilities, but for any person who is trying to overcome difficulties and be happy with what he/she has. I now remember a song by King Crimson that says: “You have to be happy with what you have!” 🙂

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