Stem Cell Breakthrough

First Stem Cell Trial on Spinal Cord Injuries boldly headlined the CBS Evening News.

A few weeks ago I was sitting having dinner and drinks with a friend at a local hotspot. We were engrossed in typical conversation when the TV in the bar suddenly caught my eye. First Stem Cell Trial on Spinal Cord Injuries boldly headlined the CBS Evening News. My jaw dropped and my half chewed chicken enchilada teetered on the verge of falling out of my mouth. Seeing the shocked and dumbfounded look on my face, my friend turned around to see what had suddenly captivated my attention. We both sat quietly with our eyes glued to the television, not being able to hear as the busy restaurant bustled around us. I longed to hear what the reporter was saying and felt an overwhelming urge to yell out SHSSSSSSSSH in the crowded restaurant. I realized that would probably not go over very well and refrained from publicly embarrassing myself. I knew that I would forever be known as the crazy girl in the wheelchair by the restaurant staff. When the two minute piece finished, my friend and I looked at each other realizing that this was a monumental moment and the beginning of a new age for the millions of people struggling with the effects of devastating spinal cord injuries.

For the past thirteen years I have lived life in a wheelchair or “the seated life” as I and many others like to call it. While I have adapted and created a happy life for myself, I suffered a tremendous loss the moment I dove into that pool and I grieve that loss every day. Naturally, I have been actively following the advances in spinal cord injury research from the very beginning. My confidence that I will indeed walk again has never wavered and I have always remained steadfast in that hope. However, seeing this story was a defining moment in my life because it signifies the future cure that I and so many others have so desperately longed for.

I am so happy to share this ground-breaking news with my fellow spinal cord injury survivors and all those who have followed the advances in stem cell research.

Check out the story in the link below!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this link. There is so LITTLE info available on stem cell related issues. Some day, we will all benefit from this amazing medical breakthrough.

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