Automatic Inclusion

Recently I shared an article about a print ad from Target for kids clothing that a number of children pictured, one of which was a child with Down syndrome.  The great thing about the ad was that Target didn’t come out and give themselves praise for including a person with a disability in their advertisement, they didn’t Continue reading “Automatic Inclusion”

Taxi Please?

So with all that it has to offer, why does New York City seem to be a relic when it comes to wheelchair accessibility? While many other parts of the country and the world have transitioned into the 21st century, The Big Apple still seems stuck in the 1950s when it comes to accommodating people in wheelchairs. I realize that the northeast region is the oldest part of the country and wants to maintain that sense of elite history and vintage sophistication, but I think there needs to be a major overhaul in the wheelchair accessibility of New York City’s transportation system.

It’s been coined The City That Never Sleeps, The Big Apple, and my personal favorite, “Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are made of” (courtesy of Jay-z and Alicia Keys).  Yes, we are talking about New York City, the entertainment and cultural Mecca of the world.  New York has so much to offer; there are world class restaurants, legendary landmarks, celebrated tourist hot spots, iconic museums, amazing shopping and who can forget the bright lights of Broadway.  Continue reading “Taxi Please?”