The Olmstead Decision

The Olmstead Decision is one of the most important Supreme Court decisions regarding people with disabilities.  This decision orders States to comply with the American with Disabilities Act to provide services for people with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Continue reading “The Olmstead Decision”

Justin Dart, IL Leader

Wherever Justin Dart went, his ‘signature’ hat was sure to be with him. To this day, his hat still attends events in his absence. He was wearing it on the White House lawn the day the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was signed by President Bush and it was atop his head whenever he was out rallying support for disability rights.

Justin Dart (August 29, 1930-June 22, 2002) is known for being the “Father of the Americans with Disabilities Act,” the “Godfather of the disability rights movement,” and the “spiritual leader of the IL [independent living] movement.” Continue reading “Justin Dart, IL Leader”