Special Education

Special education.  Thinking about this topic I’m reminded of how my school system treated most students who were “in the special ed program.” For me (back then), special ed was only for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities. These students were kept apart from the other students to varying (and sometimes quite dramatic) ways.   Continue reading “Special Education”

Kings and Queens

Schools all over America are now accepting children with disabilities and learning disabilities just like any other ”normal” student. Hopefully someday with just this tiny change, people will just start accepting each other like their own young children in elementary schools and junior highs have. Let us all live together in peace.

Growing up can be hard. Trying to fit in and feel accepted amongst your peers and teachers is so difficult. You may have a few friends or you may be very shy and tend to hang out by yourself. If you are disabled or live with a learning disability you may at times feel like a target is on your back. You may not feel as pretty or popular like the other kids in class.

Well I’m here to tell you that 2010 is the year to shine. Continue reading “Kings and Queens”