Self-Worth, Self-Esteem

What is self-esteem? We hear people talking about having low self-esteem: they are depressed, reluctant, or, in the extreme, pitiful! We see people with high self-esteem as being confident, self-assured, or even jerks! We know what high and low self-esteem look like, but how many of us know what it is? Continue reading “Self-Worth, Self-Esteem”

Worried About Worry!

Recently, I began writing an article, but I had some trouble finishing it, editing it, and even publishing it. Even after the editorial was complete and ready to publish, I kept thinking, “It’s not perfect yet; I don’t have exactly the right words; I need more time.” I worried whether people were going to like it, whether it was too offensive, or if it just wasn’t very interesting. I was worried, but not sure why, exactly.

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Take A Chance!

How do you get what you want if you never ask for it? Asking for what you want and need can be hard sometimes. Recognizing what you need, voicing your opinion, and not allowing others to take advantage of your good intentions, are important rites of passage in becoming an adult.

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