Idiopathic Autonomic Neuropathy

I am the first person in the world to be diagnosed with Idiopathic Autonomic Neuropathy. Here is my story:

My symptoms started when I was twenty and my symptoms were normal, so nobody was expecting my illness to progress to something worse.  I had my two kids and the doctors said it was female’s problems, so I had a hysterectomy by the age of 25.  In the mean time, I was losing functions of my body, such as my bladder and colon.  That’s where some of the other diagnoses started coming in place.    Continue reading “Idiopathic Autonomic Neuropathy”

What to say to someone who is sick

In my travels on the web recently I found this article published in the New York Times. It is one of the most honest articles I have come across in a long time and incredbly refreshing for someone in my position. I have since sent it to everyone I know in order to help myself and them, as being ‘sick’ is not only an ordeal for the individual but also for anyone in contact with them. I found this to be a perfect guide for anyone associated in any way to illness and even to disability. Continue reading “What to say to someone who is sick”


You’ve done nothing wrong. So smile. And keep on with your life. There is absolutely no need to turn around, raise your voice to defend yourself because you may feel insulted. Just smile because you know better than to make fun of anybody under any circumstance.

People stopping to stare. Looking at you. And you are minding your own business. You may hear them snicker as they stare. You feel the heat rising up your back and on your face as they talk about you. Continue reading “Stare”