The Life of Ed Roberts

“We’ve tried cripples before and it didn’t work.” This was the response from the University of California at Berkeley to Ed Roberts when he applied for admission in 1962. This was not the first rejection that Ed received. In 1961, he was considered so severely disabled, that he was labeled “unemployable.” Roberts was significantly disabled, but he knew he could be an Continue reading “The Life of Ed Roberts”

Are You an Advocate?

The other day I had a conversation with Ron Bercume (ILWAD co-founder) about what it means to be an advocate. He asked me, “Would I be Continue reading “Are You an Advocate?”

Long Road Ahead | by @jymm

ut sadly the simple days are gone the upcoming new vicious atmosphere has but given me no choice but be vicious myself in advocating for the minority of the nation the disabled.

As a quiet tenacious now turned kindly vicious advocate for nearly 30 years the past two have been with but hurdle after hurdle…

To be honest the political atmosphere is so severely tainted I am not sure if any filtering can be done… we have gone way to the cliff’s edge, with campaigns consuming most if not all of our politicians time and Representing we the people put on the back burner. IS of my opinion we must work hard for Campaign reform now with our input insistence a priority to try and cool the atmosphere, as it is I personally can buy a campaign ad, be true or falsehoods , pay it , have it run for however long and I do not have to disclose who paid for it and thus no responsibilities lie with me … ( unreal )
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