Domestic Goddess

I have recently moved into my boyfriend’s house. It has been stressful moving and unpacking and organizing; on the plus side, it is exciting being in a new relationship with someone who is supportive, appreciative, loving, and creative. We are an  perfect team, and I’m having so much fun in life. I’m not currently working; well, actually, to be specific, not earning money. Continue reading “Domestic Goddess”

NDEAM: What’s It Mean?

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) began as National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week in October of 1945.  The name for the observance has since been changed to reflect the fact that not all disabilities are physical in nature. The observance that began 65 years ago highlighted the contributions of persons with disabilities, however, it did not discount that persons with disabilities had not been contributing to their communities the many years before the creation of NDEAM. Continue reading “NDEAM: What’s It Mean?”

Hiring Incentives for People with Disabilities

In keeping with this month’s theme of disability employment awareness, I would like to share various resources that may either help you in your current position or in job seeking. This article focuses on information for job seekers, and I have included some organizations and websites that may be useful in finding rewarding employment. Finding a job is hard enough in these times of high unemployment; however, I believe we can all find satisfying work with a little effort. Continue reading “Hiring Incentives for People with Disabilities”

October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October is National Disability Employment month and we wanted to tell you about a few things we are working on to celebrate. All this month ILWAD will be featuring disability employment articles, resources, and editorials. Please check back with us to take advantage of all the information we will be dishing. Also, I participated in a disability employment project with CareerBuilder, an online career and job resource website, and we (ILWAD) were mentioned! Continue reading “October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month”

911 for Section 511

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a piece of legislation that has not been reauthorized since 1998.  WIA establishes the U.S. Vocational Rehabilitation Program as well as coordinating funds for job training.  Currently, the senate committee, Health Education Labor and Pension (HELP) has introduced legislation to reauthorize WIA.  This is seen as an opportunity to improve employment opportunities for people with significant disabilities.  Continue reading “911 for Section 511”