IL Pioneer: Max Starkloff

A pioneer of the Independent Living and Disability Rights movements, Max Starkloff, was responsible for many important changes in disability rights in St. Louis. fueled by powerful self-motivation and inspired by the work of Ed Roberts, Starkloff laid the groundwork for change on a larger scale. Continue reading “IL Pioneer: Max Starkloff”

Michelle Carston: Resiliency

Recently, I watched a documentary on The Learning Channel, Paralyzed and Pregnant, 4 Years Later. The woman documented in the film, Michelle Carston, was 23 and on vacation when she was injured, leaving her with a permanent C5 injury. Paralyzed and Pregnant, 4 Years Later is the story of her life as a woman, as a mother, and as a human being, who just happens to be a quadriplegic.

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