Second guessing…takes too much time

In my previous blog-posts, I have not talked much about how I live with a disability and that is mainly because I am writing about my everyday life, and while my Cerebral Palsy affects my everyday life, it is not something that I always think about and focus on.

I’m back!! I know, I am a couple days late, but guess what?? Another excuse…

There is a teacher out of the country in Korea visiting his sick father-in-law, and I have been asked to come in and teach all of his classes. For those of you math people, I am teaching Geometry honors, Algebra 2, Algebra 2 honors and Precalculus. Continue reading “Second guessing…takes too much time”

Are You an Advocate?

The other day I had a conversation with Ron Bercume (ILWAD co-founder) about what it means to be an advocate. He asked me, “Would I be Continue reading “Are You an Advocate?”

Review: Job Accommodation Network

In an effort to assist in the employment retention of persons with disabilities, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) offers a no-cost service, JAN, to provide disability employment information to employers, the public, and people with disabilities.

As a disability employment counselor, one of my favorite resources is the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), JAN offers a wealth of information on disability employment-related topics for job seekers, employees, and employers, including disability disclosure, facts, and accommodation ideas. This web-resource review highlights some of JAN’s services.

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I’m Back…

I think I am going to start every article I write with “I’m back!” Here is my weekly article, which is now coming out twice a week. I know, excuses, excuses, but I have some…

I’m back!! I am very happy to be back today. I write these articles while I am working in study hall in the cafeteria with the students who are not doing so well in school. I get the privilege of making sure that they are working hard and that they are not on facebook. I help them with math and sometimes just chat with them about life. Continue reading “I’m Back…”

“The Beast”

Hello Everyone! I am sorry that I have been so out of touch the last couple weeks. Well, I am back! Thank you for your patience and support in this awesome project. The testimonials and response has been great. We want to continue to grow and have conversations and become THE social network for people with disabilities and their loved ones. Continue reading ““The Beast””