Social Media Struggles

Does anyone find being connected constantly useful? Does it ease the stress in your life or add to it? Both, I think. I often contemplate if I ought to be more connected…you know, spending 6 hours of my day checking Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, email, and posting my daily activities every four minutes. Continue reading “Social Media Struggles”

Accessible Bicycles

I want to explore additional outdoor activities for the disabled. Many of us feel confined and we don’t feel a sense of value; truly this is the opposite. All of us are “value-able” and we have capabilities. We just don’t know where to turn or may not have the opportunity. I realize that many of you don’t have the resources. I am an advocate for promoting that the disabled can and should be allowed to explore outdoor sports and recreation. It is vital to a better quality of life and self worth. Continue reading “Accessible Bicycles”

Cupid Struck Online

Valentine’s Day is here once again. Normally I’m not really into the whole thing, but this year I am. I suppose it has a large part to do with recently meeting and moving in with my new love. My sweetie is disabled too, and we found one another on the dating website, disabled4dating. This is my dating story of fear, taking chances, being honest, and finding love. Continue reading “Cupid Struck Online”

Flying…on American Airlines, Oh My!

As readers may remember, my previous post concerned the treatment that Dawn Wilcox, a veteran with a disability received on an American Airlines flight. thanks to the gift of a trip to St. Croix from my husband’s mother and stepfather, my husband and I were recently in a position to fly with American Airlines, as well.  Anytime we can exchange northeastern North Carolina winters for sunnier climates, we are there! Continue reading “Flying…on American Airlines, Oh My!”

Dawn Wilcox, American Airlines & Public Opinion

Dawn Wilcox, an American Veteran with a Disability (who happens to use a wheelchair), claims that American Airlines left her to sit in her own waste after failing to get her off the plane in time to use a restroom. American Airlines, for its part maintains that Ms. Wilcox was offered an aisle chair in order to assist her into the plane’s facilities, but that she refused the offer. Continue reading “Dawn Wilcox, American Airlines & Public Opinion”