Change can be Good!

So far this year, I am breaking through into a new me. I am trying new things that I wouldn’t have done in the past. I am becoming more brave and adventurous in expressing myself and taking chances in relationships. I am breaking down walls of fear previously stunting personal growth, thus moving through my ‘rut.’ Continue reading “Change can be Good!”

Cupid Struck Online

Valentine’s Day is here once again. Normally I’m not really into the whole thing, but this year I am. I suppose it has a large part to do with recently meeting and moving in with my new love. My sweetie is disabled too, and we found one another on the dating website, disabled4dating. This is my dating story of fear, taking chances, being honest, and finding love. Continue reading “Cupid Struck Online”

Should my Therapist be Like Me?

Is it necessary when choosing a medical care professional, such as a psychiatrist or therapist, to work with someone who has had a similar life experience as you, or are you able to work effectively with a professional who knows nothing about your specific situation? There are arguments for both sides. On the one hand, having a therapist with similar experiences may assist in quickly establishing the client-therapist relationship; conversely, having a therapist with no knowledge of your situation can be just as effective.  Continue reading “Should my Therapist be Like Me?”