Working Well Together

It’s been awhile since I attended an in-person conference, so it was refreshing, and once it began, I felt right at home. Attending, networking, and sharing resources made me feel like an important part of my community. In addition, I connected with about 40 mental health professionals, consumers, and advocates.

Last week in Oakland, CA, I attended the Professional Development of Consumer and Family Member Staff Seminar put on by Working Well Together, which is a collaborative between four organizations, including NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness). Continue reading “Working Well Together”

Tools for Depression

A friend of mine, recently, asked me for some resources on depression. As I replied, and wrote down a list of tools that I have used in the past, I thought, “What a great idea for an article for ILWAD!” One of the things I have learned about depression is that having a good support team is vital, Continue reading “Tools for Depression”

Are You an Advocate?

The other day I had a conversation with Ron Bercume (ILWAD co-founder) about what it means to be an advocate. He asked me, “Would I be Continue reading “Are You an Advocate?”

Review: Job Accommodation Network

In an effort to assist in the employment retention of persons with disabilities, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) offers a no-cost service, JAN, to provide disability employment information to employers, the public, and people with disabilities.

As a disability employment counselor, one of my favorite resources is the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), JAN offers a wealth of information on disability employment-related topics for job seekers, employees, and employers, including disability disclosure, facts, and accommodation ideas. This web-resource review highlights some of JAN’s services.

Continue reading “Review: Job Accommodation Network”

Overview of Disability Laws

Overview of Disability Laws

Sarah Laugtug, Editor

I am very excited to be here as the new disability news editor at ILWAD, my goal is to educate and offer you resources to help you become more independent, empowered, and educated on disability topics. The following is a brief introduction to the most prominent disability laws passed in recent years. Disability rights, just as any equality cause, require time and dedication in order for change to occur. I believe we are on the path to equality, educating the public, and becoming more independent and united as a group. Each section includes a link so you can research further if you choose. I hope that this article is useful to you, and always feel free to give me feedback. And remember, we are BEAUTIFUL, not BROKEN. Continue reading “Overview of Disability Laws”