Dawn Wilcox, American Airlines & Public Opinion

Dawn Wilcox, an American Veteran with a Disability (who happens to use a wheelchair), claims that American Airlines left her to sit in her own waste after failing to get her off the plane in time to use a restroom. American Airlines, for its part maintains that Ms. Wilcox was offered an aisle chair in order to assist her into the plane’s facilities, but that she refused the offer. Continue reading “Dawn Wilcox, American Airlines & Public Opinion”

Can You See the Problem?

So, to follow-up on my previous post regarding my abysmal experience with MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, in case you aren’t familiar with them), I received two calls this morning regarding the incident. Keep in mind that it took 47 days to receive a “resolution” to the situation.   Continue reading “Can You See the Problem?”

Invisible Illness: Real or Not?

Are you having trouble with your family and friends not believing you regarding your disability, and thinking it’s, as so many doctors will say, “all in your head?” Do they say that you are faking the pain, faking how tired you are, that you are trying to get out of work, or the big kicker–that you are just getting LAZY? Continue reading “Invisible Illness: Real or Not?”

And the Diagnosis Is…

Is it important or even necessary to have a diagnosis from a physician or psychiatrist? Some people say it’s essential to know their diagnosis, physical or mental. Others don’t find it necessary to know, just as long as they receive care. Do you care about knowing your diagnosis versus not knowing? Continue reading “And the Diagnosis Is…”

How Far Are You Willing To Go?

The news is full of our “leaders” who want to cut benefits, institutionalize us or ignore our basic human rights altogether.  These stories can really get you down, if you let them. We always hear about the legislation and the negative stories, but you rarely see any of the positive news. Continue reading “How Far Are You Willing To Go?”