Special Education

Special education.  Thinking about this topic I’m reminded of how my school system treated most students who were “in the special ed program.” For me (back then), special ed was only for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities. These students were kept apart from the other students to varying (and sometimes quite dramatic) ways.   Continue reading “Special Education”

A SERP (Special Ed, Rehabilitation, and School Psychology) Project

This video was created as a project in 2003 for a SERP (Special Ed, Rehabilitation, and School Psychology) class at the University of Arizona. We tried to show different viewpoints from someone who was newly/temporarily disabled vs. those viewpoints from someone who has fully adapted to a disability for quite some time.

Hi Everyone! This is a video that my friend Eric (@erickatz) created while he was in college in 2003. I met Eric when I was in high school and he motivated me to compete in local and regional adaptive sporting events. Eric competed in track and field, swimming and basketball, just to name a few. Continue reading “A SERP (Special Ed, Rehabilitation, and School Psychology) Project”