Hiring Incentives for People with Disabilities

In keeping with this month’s theme of disability employment awareness, I would like to share various resources that may either help you in your current position or in job seeking. This article focuses on information for job seekers, and I have included some organizations and websites that may be useful in finding rewarding employment. Finding a job is hard enough in these times of high unemployment; however, I believe we can all find satisfying work with a little effort. Continue reading “Hiring Incentives for People with Disabilities”

What is Ticket To Work?

Do you want to work, but afraid you will lose your Social Security Disability Insurance benefits? We all want to feel like a valuable part of society, and working is one way to contribute; earning money to buy things doesn’t hurt either. The Ticket to Work (TTW) program, governed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) was designed to help people with disabilities become more independent by assisting them in transitioning from SSDI to employment. Continue reading “What is Ticket To Work?”