Flying…on American Airlines, Oh My!

As readers may remember, my previous post concerned the treatment that Dawn Wilcox, a veteran with a disability received on an American Airlines flight. thanks to the gift of a trip to St. Croix from my husband’s mother and stepfather, my husband and I were recently in a position to fly with American Airlines, as well.  Anytime we can exchange northeastern North Carolina winters for sunnier climates, we are there! Continue reading “Flying…on American Airlines, Oh My!”

AirTran fined for its handling of passengers in wheelchairs

The U.S. Department of Transportation fined AirTran Airways $500,000 for violating laws on handling passengers who must use wheelchairs.

In the enforcement action announced Monday, the DOT found that:

* A review of AirTran’s records indicated that it had “a significant number of apparent violations” of the Air Carrier Access Act.* “A small number of these complaints appear to involve egregious violations…”
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