Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days!

Colleen is a disability rights leader, advocate, and visionary. Her passion for assisting The Prosthetics Outreach Foundation, which assists amputees in developing countries, is evident by her commitment to raising money and awareness for the 100 Miles in 100 Days campaign.

Colleen (@gr33ncolleen), a member of our beloved ILWAD, has reached out to us to help spread the word,

“As an above knee amputee it was hard. The Prosthetic Outreach Foundation has a sustainable program to provide prosthetics to amputees in developing countries. I am walking another 100 miles starting June 17th and I’m looking for other disabled folks to do the same thing in their communities.”

Colleen shares her story,

I am Colleen Haggerty, 51 years old, the mother of two teenagers and I live in Bellingham, Washington. In my twenties I was quite active and enjoyed backpacking, skiing and sea kayaking. However, for the last 33 years I have been an above knee amputee. After I had children, my activity level waned and my aging body starting to lose function. In 2010 I developed a walking campaign.

My goal was to walk 100 miles in 100 days so I could support the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation [POF] in achieving their mission of improving the mobility of children and adults in developing countries. I wanted to raise $30,000 to fund 100 legs through the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation. Walking a mile a day also helped me to regain my mobility!

To learn more about Colleen and her work, or if you are interested in helping out Colleen and the POF by starting your own  campaign, you can download a Toolkit, and create your own personal fundraising page.

View Colleen’s Blog to read more about how her walking campaign in 2010 impacted her life. Thank you Colleen for bringing awareness and hope to those in need of prosthetics around the world!


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