We Are Their Voice

If you are passionate about making a difference and desire to raise awareness for individuals with developmental disabilities, then this group is for you. Our goal is to raise awareness and provide a place where people with developmental disabilities can come together and just be themselves. We desire to show support to them and their families. Allow a place to share their experiences, be empowered. And allow people to know they shine. We are their voice.

There are many websites concerning individuals with developmental disabilities. This page encourages individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and supporters to join. We have come together to be their advocates. We can support one another while raising awareness everywhere. Let’s stand together and unite as their voice.

A little about myself, My name is Lisa. I started studying in the field in 1993. I was employed with the same agency for thirteen years. I’m only familiar with the policies of the Division of Developmental Disabilities in New Jersey. As each state may have their own policies.

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